Festival Interviolas, Bogotá (CO)


Isabel Villanueva has a passion for teaching and for more than a decade is committed to sharing her knowledge and work with new generations.  She is regulary invited to give masterclasses in prestigious institutions all over the world : Geneva Conservatoire, Academia Stauffer in Cremona, Bath Music University, Wells Cathedral Music School, University of Arts in Tehran, Pacific Music Academy Guangzhou, Conservatoire Superieur de Musique du Liban, Académie de Morges, Universidad Panamericana in México, Zacatecas University, Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey, Festival Interviolas in Bogotá, El Sistema de Venezuela, Spanish National Youth Orchestra (JONDE), Barcelona Youth Symphony Orchestra (JOSB), among other institutions.

In 2022 Mrs. Villanueva was appointed Viola Professor at the Royal College of Music in London and also from 2023 at Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu in Barcelona.

Her teaching method is based on the russian and franco-belgian schools and merges with new ideas and perceptions of our contemporary time, creating a fresh and adaptable view of the art, giving classical music new possibilities of expression for a XXI century musician.

If you are interested in studying with Mrs. Villanueva in London or Barcelona, please contact : isabel.villanueva@rcm.ac.uk

Masterclasses 2024 :

I Congrés Internacional de Corda de Castelló  (17 & 18 February)

Barcelona Youth Symphony Orchestra (27 April)

Luarca International Music Course & Festival, Asturias, Spain (13, 14, 15 July)

Garda Lake Music Festival, Italy (17 – 21 July)

Académie Internationale d’été de Nice, France (22 – 28 July)

Academia Stauffer, Cremona (IT)
Academia Stauffer, Cremona (IT)
El Sistema, Venezuela
Escuela Superior de Música, Monterrey (MX)
Conservatoire Superieur de Musique du Liban
Academia Stauffer, Cremona (IT)
Conservatori de Girona (ESP)
Royal College of Music, London
University of Arts, Tehran